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While At A Party He Got So Annoyed By A Barking Dog He Shot It!

In an intoxicated state, he chases a dog down the street because it was “barking and being mean!”

Police Officers in Westmoreland County are investigating a case of animal cruelty after a man at a party got so annoyed with a barking dog he shot it!

46-year-old Chiropractor Dr. James Scirotto shot a 5-year-old dog, Honda, because according to Scirotto Honda was “barking and being mean.”

Source: WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh/YouTube

Apparently Scirotto was attending a birthday party when Honda showed up and started barking incessantly. Dr. James, who is quite popular in the local area, got so incensed that in his intoxicated state, he chased Honda down the street and shot him several times with a .40 caliber handgun. Two of the shots struck the dog who ran into his owner’s yard.

Honda’s owners subsequently rushed their dog to the vet for emergency treatment. He is now currently in recovery though another surgery has been scheduled. Honda had escaped his yard according to his owners and gone exploring prior to the shooting.

Source: WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh/YouTube

They believe that their innocent dog was scared by the crowd at the party, which prompted him to bark.

Meanwhile, Dr. James is being slapped with charges of animal cruelty, recklessly endangering another person, public drunkenness and dangerous discharge of a firearm. He maintains that he felt threatened by the dog, and has hired an attorney to defend him. Let’s take a stand against this bestial crime & demand a strict sentence for this man. Spread the word.

Source: WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh/YouTube

Click the video below to watch the detailed account of how Dr. James targeted and shot the scared Honda.

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