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When You Soon Who This Calf’s Best Friend Is It Will All Become Clear!

A couch surfing calf is not one of the things you expect to see when you walk into someones home. But read on and this will all make sense.

A cat, a dog, yes but a couch surfing calf? Well, you see there is a good reason for this. Young Goliath has sneaked into his owners home and taken over the couch because this calf’s best friend is a dog, and Goliath thinks he’s a dog too.

And to him, that is what dogs do, spending much of their time chilling on the couch.

Photo via Twitter

The young bull just happens to best buddies with, of all things, a Great Dane.

You can watch the full video on this couch surfing calf below:

A Great Dane who is the master of teaching Goliath the way of the dog, and Goliath it would seem, is a good student.

And if you look closely at the photo above, he likes to take over the doggie bed too!

And he likes chin scratches, much like his canine pals would!

The family better watch out, they might just find Baby Goliath on the bed next!

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