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What The Heck Is Going On With My Water Bowl?

A German Shepherd is drinking from his water bowl when something really surprising happens, something he was not expecting!

When you upgrade your dog’s old water bowl to those new-fangled self-filling ones you can get all sorts of surprised reactions!

As is the case with the young German Sheperd in this story. The poor pup is not used to drinking out of a self-filling bowl.

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So when he drinks out of the bowl and it refills just wait for his reaction!

Watch this dogs reaction to the unexpected in the video right here below.

When this young German Shepherd takes a drink of water from his self-filling water bowl he gets a surprise he wasn’t expecting. He’s sipping away when gravity does its trick and bubbles pop to the top surprising the dog.

His look 30 seconds into the video? Hilarious. He looks directly at his mom with a big question on his face. It’s like he’s asking “What the heck?”

For more details please go to

They dumpled this sweet dog because she grossed them out!

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