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Two Dogs Are Thrown Onto A New York Highway, Injured They Are Literally Left Out In The Cold

Thrown from a moving vehicle onto a New York highway, two dogs are left lying injured out in the cold!

Thankfully a passing truck driver saw the two dogs, both were injured, he stopped to help them. Once he had assessed this situation he immediately called the police. One dog was so badly hurt he had tow fractured front legs and broken ribs along with contusions to both lungs and a shoulder.

After calling police the trucker then picked up the badly injured Beagle mix while the other younger dog did his best to stay near his friend, scampering alongside.

State troopers soon arrived and applied a splint to the badly injured dog and gave him a warm blanket. He was given the name Trooper, sadly he would later have to have his leg amputated. The other dog, named Adam, spent his ride to the hospital eating dog biscuits, according to Time.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Police have yet to find any suspects in the case, but the dogs are both on the mend.

“These animals have been through a lot, and people need to understand that this is not OK,” Amberly Ondria, shelter manager for the Broome County Humane Society, told ABC News. “This is not something that should be done.”

Photo Courtesy of YouTube/CBS 17

The two Beaglemix dogs were taken to the Broome County Humane Society. The injury to Trooper’s front right leg was so severe, a veterinary surgeon had to remove it, and he may need a harness to assist with movement from now on.

“He has quite the road to recovery ahead of him,” Ondria said.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash reports that the truck driver thinks the dogs were tossed from an older Dodge Durango, covered in dirt, with rust near its back bumper. The trucker’s dash camera may have caught the vehicle on video, but authorities are still asking for the public’s help in locating suspects.

You can watch a video on the whole incident here below:

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