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To This Dog, The Open Gate Was An Invitation To Do One Thing

One day his owner went to work and left the gate open by mistake. This was an invitation to do one thing and one thing only.

If you knew someone you cared about was feeling lonely wouldn’t you do something to make them feel better? Go out of your way to make them feel a little less lonely.

Messy lives in Thailand with his owner Oranit Kittragul, her next-door neighbor is a Huskey called Audi. Every time his neighbor’s owner goes to work, Messy barks, almost have if he is telling Audi he is here, even though Audi’s owner might be gone. Audi barks in return, almost as if he’s saying thank you.

Photo Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul via JustSomething

This is the routine for these two dogs Monday to Friday while their owners are at work.

Not having ever met each other in person, they have had this daily ritual for so long they have become friends kind of by default.

Photo Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul via JustSomething

One day they got their chance as Audi’s owner was leaving for work, he forgot to lock his gate. The dog took the opportunity to visit his friend. He ran over to Messy’s house and said hello.

Anyone walking past the two dogs would be surprised. They were basically hugging each other over Oranit’s fence.

Oranit instinctively pulled out her phone and took a picture of the moment. After all the excitement had died down, Audi ran back to his home happy to have had the chance to see his friend in person for the first time.

Photo Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul via JustSomething

Hopefully, now that it’s obvious how much the two dogs care about each other, they’ll have more chances to hang out. Maybe they’ll even get to start spending those long weekdays together instead of just barking to each other from afar.

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She’s just one of the boy’s now.

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