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Thousands of Dogs, Some Stray, Some With Collars, Waiting To Be Slaughtered For Dog Eating Festival

Every week right throughout China thousands of innocent dogs are stolen, strays and family pets, crammed into cages and slaughtered for a dog eating festival.

These innocent dogs a captured for the upcoming Yulin dog-eating festival. It was on June the 12th when some Chinese animal rights supporters found an underground abattoir with over 60 dogs inside. These dogs were petrified, some trying to hide, others still trapped in cages. Craving attention, some form of kind contact, they were all to be killed and eaten when the festival began.

Photo: HSI

One of the animal rights supporters, Wei told the daily mail that the abattoir was extremely hot full of exhausted. stressed dogs, some hiding some just happy to have a little attention

Photo: HSI

These dogs were found in the nick of time but thousands will still be killed, even though eating dog meat has declined due to worldwide condemnation. The festival will still run for 10 days in June, despite petitions to put an end to the barbaric practice.

Photo: HSI

The local government has discontinued organizing the festival, but the vendors and locals still partake in the cruel festival. “Please don’t waste your breath calling dog-eating Chinese culture. It is not our culture to steal people’s pets. It is not our culture to eat dogs,” exclaimedWei.

Photo: HSI

The 62 dogs are safe and heading to a shelter in northern China. After they are treated they will be put up for adoption. Hopefully, the dogs that were stolen will be reunited with their families.

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Driving down the freeway he thought he saw a dog hanging off the overpass?

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