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This Loyal Dog Still Leaves Space For His Long Lost Friend

He still leaves space on the bed for his best friend.

Harry joined Caitlin’s family when he was just a puppy. The family already had a dog called George, a rescue pup who had become part of the family when he was around a year old.

The duo quickly became the best of friends, doing everything together, walking, playing, eating and it comes as no surprise, sleeping.

Photo Courtesy of Jam Press

Then suddenly, quite unexpectedly George became ill, his health rapidly going downhill, he is diagnosed with kidney failure. Caitlin’s family has no choice but to bit him down.

Harry did not know what to do with himself now his best buddy was gone. He always leaves George’s spot in the bed free, in the hope that one day George might reappear.

Photo Courtesy of Jam Press

The night before George was to take his final trip to the vet, Caitlyn, then 17, had spent the night with him to keep him company. Harry knew something was wrong, he had spent the night pacing to and fro around the room, crying.

Harry also went to the vet with George the next day, staying with him until he took his last breath. He grieved for weeks after that.

From Cheshire, England, Caitlyn shared the heartbreaking snap on Twitter, alongside the caption: “I’m full on crying rn…he always let George sleep there and he died almost a year ago and he still lies there.”

Credit: Jam Press
Photo Courtesy of Jam Press

People were quick to comment back with kind words, including one user who wrote: “Sorry girl. That’s got to be heartbreaking.”

Another added: “Awwww this is so sad, dogs definitely have emotions, hope your cute doggy is ok.” A third wrote: “Omg my heart actually hurts. Look at this poor baby.”

Photo Courtesy of Jam Press

“His tail was down and he wouldn’t socialise or eat any treats.”

“Almost a year on and he clearly still misses George! He sleeps on the floor to the side of the bed now quite often but I didn’t realise why until I was looking through photos of them both from a year ago and saw the photo I tweeted which made me realize.”

Photo Courtesy of Jam Press

Such a sad story, although it sounds like Caitlin and her family are giving Harry lots of love and cuddles to make him feel better. No doubt George is looking down on them all from puppy heaven.

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