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This Is How Much We Should All Love Our Dogs

This is how much we should all love our dogs because if we did there would be no strays or homeless dogs anywhere, if only!

I have to confess watching this lovely man open his gift then seeing his reaction brought tears to my eyes. He clearly loved, and still loves his recently passed canine friend.

Which is why I wrote that headline, it’s the first thought that came into my head after the tears had passed. Why can’t we all love our dogs this much? Imagine if we did?

That dog I wrote about yesterday would never have been thrown so callously over the fence by those heartless men. They certainly didn’t love their dog like this guy loves his.

Yes, they may have cared enough to take him to a shelter, but no one treats their dog the way they did. Animals should not only be loved, but they should also be respected.

I hope watching this puts a smile on your face as it did mine.

You can watch this guy open his gift and see what it is below:

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