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This Dog’s Reaction When He Realizes He’s Being Watched Is Hilarious!

Glancing out the window he caught his dog in the pool, his dog is not supposed to be in the pool and his dog knows it. His reaction when he realizes he’s being watched is hilarious!

Jerry Gordon happened to glance out the window in his home in Jenks, Oklahoma seeing something very unexpected. He saw his dog Baxter where Baxter is not supposed to be, in the pool!

The Giant Schnauzer realizes he is being watched by disapproving eyes and nonchalantly slides out of the pool, acting as if nothing untoward has happened, all the while knowing full well he has been caught.

You can watch his reaction to being caught in the video right here below:

He playfully barks at his human, keeping his eye on him.

It’s like he’s telling Jerry “there’s nothing to see here” or “you didn’t see that”.

Jerry told Storyful that Baxter, “is so full of life he is constantly entertaining us” and you’ll see why in the cute video.


He was found injured on the road, with no car there was going to be only one way to rescue him.

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