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This Dog Thought She Was Going For A Relaxing Car Ride!

She thought she was being taken for a nice car ride, but her owner had other ideas!

A lovely Labrador mix thought her Mom was taking her for a nice ride in the car through the Missouri countryside, something every dog loves. What she didn’t realize was that her Mom had completely different ideas and CCTV footage caught her in the act!

Footage shows the woman pulling up in her SUV, then reversing into an area adjacent to someone’s driveway. The woman gets out of the SUV opens the trunk, then something falls outs, she picks it up and places it back in the trunk before closing it.

She then returns to the driver’s door and then we see the dog having a sniff around behind the SUV. The woman then drives off leaving the dog behind!

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

The dog quickly realizes what’s happened and takes off after the vehicle at top speed. This heartbreaking scene was captured on the CCTV of Glenn Blake.

Horrified by what he had witnessed he immediately called the police. The poor pooch was taken to Rescue One, an animal rescue center in Springfield.

You can watch the heartless abandonment in the video right below.

The dog was named Honey and suffered from dehydration and burned paws from running on the hot pavement. The sweet girl was placed into a loving foster home. She is doing well and loves playing with her fur sibling. With multiple application submitted to adopt Hope, she will find a loving forever home soon.

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

The woman responsible for the cruel act was arrested and charged. Ashley Nicole Devine, 26 was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor animal neglect and abandonment. It is against the law to abandon an animal in Missouri.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Rescue One

Abandoning an animal is never a solution. If you can no longer care for a pet please contact your local shelter. They deserve to find a loving home.

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