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Their Owner Swears They’re In Love! What Do You Think?

The close bond between these two is there for all to see. Judging by the way this dog wags his tail and how the horse is so affectionate its a close one.

Herbie the Pit Bull walks up to Jabby’s stall, tail wagging furiously and what follows is nothing less than a very touching moment. Their owner says they’re in love.

Jabby leans out of the stall and nuzzles the dog in a very affectionate way, letting the dog take liberties with his harness is something that other horses normally wouldn’t let another animal do.

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I don’t know if these two are in love, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, but does it really matter. Whatever their relationship is, their bond is certainly close, they are the best of friends.


It doesn’t get any cuter than this! Jabby the standardbred has a new friend in Herbie the Pit Bull puppy. Herbie’s tail won’t stop wagging when he is with Jabby and the horse nuzzles the puppy affectionately in return.

He even lets the pup play with his harness and rope.


She couldn’t believe it when someone in the car ahead carelessly tosses a bag full of puppies onto the road!

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