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Highly Trained He Is The Only Dog In The World Capable Of Rescuing An Endangered Species From The Australian Bush Fires

A highly trained dog as been helping rescue a very special highly endangered species from Australian bush fires.

A Border Collie cross is the only dog on the whole planet that is capable of sniffing out Koala bear faeces and hair.

Wearing his own pair of specially made socks to protect his paws from the hot earth he is sent into burned-out areas of bush. When he knows a Koala is near he sits especially still and alert with his handler.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/IFAW

Bear has spent most of the past few weeks deployed in New South Wales and Queensland trying to save the now endangered Marsupial.

The animal charity IFAW shared recent photos of Bear hard at work on Monday on social media. They said, “Unfortunately no signs of koalas were found, but we are hopeful that survivors will be found in nearby areas.” 

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/IFAW

Bear got a new lease on life after he was abandoned by his previous owners for an obsessive compulsive disorder which meant he did not like to play.

Rescued from the pound by Sunshine Coast University where he was subsequently trained to locate Koalas.

IFAW campaigner Josey Sharrad explained why Bear’s job is so important.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/IFAW

‘Now, more than ever, saving individual koalas is critical,’ he told the Brisbane Times.

‘With such an intense start to the bushfire season, it will be many weeks and months before some of these fires are out,’ he said.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/IFAW

‘All the while, wildlife will continue to need to be rescued and treated and might remain in care for some time. The road to recovery will be long.’

On Monday a burnt koala was among those rescued in New South Wales.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/IFAW

The koala named Flash was found in Taree with burns so severe he had to be sedated before treatment. 

Meanwhile, heartwarming footage has emerged of firefighters giving a drink of water to two koalas they rescued from catastrophic bushfires.

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Abandoned, chained to a fence she does her best to nurse her puppies.


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