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Tattooed Bikers Fight To Dismantle Dog Fighting Rings

As many of us know, appearances can sometimes be deceiving, hence the say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and as with these tattooed bikers never has a saying rang more true.

These are not the type of guy’s you want to mess with, not the sort of people you want to meet in a dark alley after a night out. However, under the tattoo’s and black leather jackets beat hearts of gold. What else can you say about men and women who battle to take down dogfighting rings?

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Rescue-Ink

Bikers like the ones in these photos belong to a rescue group known as Rescue-Ink, the members of this group do belong to gangs, though this group is not a gang in the strictest sense of the word.

Yes, this organization’s members do fight, they fight for the rights of animals, animals that have been abused by their owners, pets that can’t fight for themselves.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Rescue-Ink

Rescue-Inks members come from a variety of backgrounds, ex-army, detectives, lawyers, and even bodybuilders. As one of their quotes goes, “we educate abusers,” and they do too, almost daily confronting animal abusers and dismantling dog fighting rings.

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The Rescue Ink members try to stay in legal parameters when they take their protective actions, but to ensure the safety of animals in need, sometimes they don’t mind overstepping the police jurisdiction.

Photo Courtesy of  terryballard is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Apart from rehabilitating animals, they have a stern talk to the cruel abusers as well, that’s why animal abusers shake in fear when they hear the name of the group.

Over the years Rescue Ink has done a great hard job rescuing all kinds of animals including, pigs, fish, chickens, horses, duckling, and even a boa constrictor.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Rescue-Ink

The group’s mission is to offer help and protect every helpless animal in need, and they never back away from any difficult rescue case.

Members of Rescue Ink gave their helping hand on Hurricane Sandy as well, and amidst the ruins, the group won’t rest until every poor animal in the vicinity will get saved.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Rescue-Ink

This tattooed group deserves a standing ovation, you are true heroes, and every animal is thankful to have this kind of protective heroes.

Watch Rescue-Ink in action after Hurricane Sandy below:

For more details please go to

No longer wanted, they took their dog outside and chained her up during a blizzard!


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