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She Was Relaxing In The Pool When….?

Many of jus know what it is like when you are sunbathing in the pool and someone either jumps in doing a bomb or tips you over! Not fun! But what do you do if it’s your dog trying to upset your pool time?

One lady is about to find out as she sunbathes in the pool with two eager young dogs eagerly watching poolside. You kinda know what’s going to happen. But you keep watching just in case!

However, I have to be honest I didn’t think it was going to happen quite like that!

You can watch all the action below as goes from poolside to in-pool:

Dressed up in a shark fin and carrying his favorite ball, Jett the puppy is ready to play and goes in for the “attack”, poolside style!

We think you’ll agree, Jett has definitely figured out the best way to give mom the ball.

Jett’s owner writes, “He’s a 9-month-old black lab who has watched too much Shark Week/ Shark Fest!”

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He knows what he wants and he also knows exactly how he’s going to get it.

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