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She Lived On A Pile Of Trash Eating Rotting Carcasses Just To Survive

She lived on the outskirts of Athens, Greece. She slept on a pile of garbage and ate rotting animal carcasses just to survive.

One day they saw her, wandering amongst the garbage, emaciated, extremely sick and very unfriendly. No wonder really, she had never been socialized, her daily life was all about survival. The Society For The Protection Of Stray Animals (SPAZ) knew she had to be removed from this daily nightmare as soon as possible

The Orphan PetT

There was no way she was going to approach people so she first needed to be sedated. Such was her spirit even then she tried to break free, trying to bite those who wanted to help her. Eventually, they brought her under control and took her to a clinic to examine and treat her.

The Orphan Pet

Due to the condition that she was in as well as her aggression the vet even suggested she be put down. But they hadn’t rescued her just to end her life, her rescuers believed in her and wanted to give her a chance.

The Orphan Pet

Soon after, a kind woman named Zaira took her in to foster her while she healed. After two months of working with Shadow, the once unapproachable stray was now friendly and house-trained. She is even great with other dogs and cats!

The Orphan Pet

Not only has she healed on the outside, but she has healed on the inside as well. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for someone. She is such a happy, healthy dog now. All of her fur has grown back beautifully and she doesn’t even look like the same dog!

The Orphan Pet

Shadow has since been adopted by a loving couple in Austria, Sophie and Franjo, and is now named LaVie. She is no longer living in the ‘shadows’ of the past, and she is enjoying her new life with her loving parents and her new doggy siblings.

The Orphan Pet

“In every photo and video Sophie sent, the memory of that emaciated, mangy dog eating corpses to survive became more and more distant,” rescuer Valia Orfanidou wrote in a tribute on Orphan Pet. “The fear of her not adjusting, not trusting, not coping vanished. As her new life was beginning, we started fading away, we became shadows she left behind her, as she was accepting the light of her new life.”

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