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She Adopts A Senior Dog And Quickly Realizes It Was Her Childhood Puppy!

Losing a best friend is tough, it really doesn’t matter if that best friend has four legs or two, the pain is just as hard to bear. What if without really realizing it right away, that best friend walks back into your life?

Nicole Grimes in Pennsylvania lost a best friend when she was just a little girl. However, recently she has helped many people believe that the happy endings we only see in the movies, sometimes do actually happen.

When she was little, Nicole really wanted a puppy. Finally, at around the age of 10, her Grandmother surprised her with a pomeranian-poodle gross breed. For Nicole it was love at first sight, she gave her new best friend the name Chloe.

Right then and there Nicole knew that she had a friend for life, nothing could ever separate them. But then the world of adults intervened and the unthinkable happened. Nicole’s dad got a new job, a job that would not allow Nicole to keep her puppy.

It was so hard, ” she wrote in her post. After spending just 4 years together, the puppy was given away to the Washington Humane Society and the rest could have been history – up until a magical moment 7 years later.

When Nicole was all grown up and started a family of her own, she accidentally noticed a post of an elderly dog named Chloe needing a new home. Something in her heart told her the seemingly impossible thing – it could be Chloe. While Nicole didn’t believe this thought at first, she still decided to adopt the dog without thinking.

Only after spending some time with the dog, she started to believe her initial feeling and after connecting some dots, it turned out that Chloe is the very same dog from her childhood and thus, the friends have been reunited!

You can read her story below.

So you see, just like in the movies, happy endings can come true!

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