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Seeing His Cat Buddy About To Get Into Fight This Dog Does Something Completely Unexpected

We all know that animals of different species can become the best of friends, but how close is often a matter of debate. The video you are about to see will show just how close.

But first, just let me lay the groundwork for what is about to happen. It appears a lady is walking her dog and cat, yes you heard it right, her dog and her cat.

When a local Tom decides he wants to pick a fight, not about to back down our ladies cat digs his paws in, but his canine companion has other ideas. Ideas that included retracting your claws and uprooting your paws.


Her cat was about to fight with a local cat.

Seeing the angry cat preparing to fight with his friend, her dog immediately rushed to stop his friend from the serious battle.

The dog hurried to pick up his friend and take him back to safety.

Not only us humans, but animals also have feelings. There are so many cases when dogs and cats save people’s lives, taking them out of danger. That’s why we should have them as our pets, they are our best friends.

“Let’s go home buddy, there’s no good at fighting at all!”

Just let me add I don’t approve of how this video was filmed. Why she filmed her cat about to get into a fight when she good easily have intervened herself I don’t know. All I can think of is that she really trusted her dog and knew he would come to the rescue.

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