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Rescued In The Nick Of Time, She Lifts Her Paw In Thanks

Found living in a wire cage, alone and scared, just moments away from slaughter she lifts her paw as if to say thank you.

Thirteen dog meat farms have been shut down in South Korea, and the Humane Society of the United States is not going to stop until every single last one has disappeared for good.

The way these dogs are treated at these farms is appallingly bad! Trapped in tiny cages, hardly anything to eat or to drink, waiting to die, sleeping in their own waste.

Screenshot via YouTube/Humane Society USA

Unless rescued, every single dog will die, that is the sad fact of it all. Lack of care and attention seems to be paramount with dog farmers.

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Many dogs either fall ill and die on the farm, and if they do survive they are shipped off for slaughter.

Screenshot via YouTube/Humane Society USA

Thankfully, the Humane Society is working tirelessly to make sure all of these dogs find loving homes. Sandie is just one of the 200+ dogs that HSUS saved from their 13th South Korean dog meat farm that they shut down. She was found living in a tiny wire cage, alone and scared.

Screenshot via YouTube/Humane Society USA

As soon as they approached her, she lifted her paw as if she was saying ‘thank you.’ She has since been adopted by a loving family from the United Kingdom and now has two new family members to play with: A Bunny and another dog.

You can watch the full video here below:

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A lost dog, he would have been so excited to see his owner. His owner wasn’t so thrilled.

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