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Police Are Hunting For The Person That Did This!

Politics in Turkey are just as divisive as they are in the United States, however, politicians can agree on one thing. Catching the person who chopped off a puppy’s legs and tail leaving it to die!

Power has certainly gone to President Erdogan’s head, however, he still not satisfied and is looking for ways to get more. How? By jointly taking the role of both President and Prime Minister.

His supporters love him for it, while critics cry foul. However, all can agree on one thing, they all want justice for the person who cut off a dogs tail and its legs leaving it to die in a forest!

Found alive the puppy died a few days later while undergoing emergency surgery. All of a sudden animal rights became a part of all the major parties campaign where they hadn’t been before.

“Whether at home or on the street, we will take the law into consideration and evaluate it,” the president said at a recent rally, noting that a suspect had been charged with a crime. “There is nothing acceptable about this, but it is very important to show this awareness.”

Animal rights groups believe Turkey’s animal welfare laws are too lax, in part because more pressing issues, including its 2-3 year-long “state of emergency,” often demand more immediate attention. Regardless, the government could more easily add such a provision to the constitution and, according to reports, such a proposal is already in the works.

Sadly, Erdoğan has already been caught on tape openly discussing his plans to rig the next election, so we’re not holding our breath that Turkey’s animal welfare rules will change soon.

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