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A Pit Bull Sees A Deer Trapped In A Garden Fence

He sees a deer trapped in the garden fence and refuses to leave her side until help arrives.

Loreal Camel’s Pit Bull got very upset when he found an injured deer stuck in her garden fence. So much so that he wanted to stay an comfort the injured animal.

Gotti the Pit Bull lay down by the young deer’s side to stay with her until help arrived. He even licked her legs, doing his best to keep her calm while his owner tried to free the animal’s legs.

“After a deer got stuck in our garden fence Gotti became so concerned about the deer he sat there with us for hours licking and comforting the deer until animal rescue came to take the deer to the hospital,” Loreal wrote.

Once the deer was untangled, she called an animal rehab crew to come and help while the deer rested in her garden.

You can watch Gotti the Pit Bull right here below:

Loreal said of her dog Gotti, “He’s the kindest most loving, gentle dog you’ll ever meet!” After watching this video, we agree!

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