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He’s A Big Boy Alright, In Fact You Won’t Believe How Big!

He’s a big boy, there is no doubt about it, but what till you find out just how big he is!

Freddy the Great Dane is so big he has actually been giving a title, a title from none other the Guinness Book of World Records!

The title states in no uncertain terms that this Great Dane is none other than the tallest dog in the world. Claire Stoneman, who is Freddy’s owner knew her dog was going to be tall, but not this tall!

Freddy is an incredible seven foot six inches tall! Knowing that her dog could scare the bejesus out of other pooches she takes Freddy for his daily walks very early in the morning, when no one, dogs included, is out and about.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/freddygreatdane

But as large as he is, Freddy is actually a gentle giant who loves napping and chewing on the couch, plus snacking on his favorite dog-food. Freddy is also a devoted brother to his sister, Fleur.

Claire often posts photos and videos of the brother and sister duo on their dedicated Instagram page.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/freddygreatdane

Freddy and Fleur cost Claire thousands of dollars every year to keep them happy and healthy, but for her, it’s a pleasure because they’re her babies. And the three of them make such a wonderful family!

For more Freddy antics, click the video right here below:

For more details please go to

After running away her cameras revealed she had been on quite an adventure!


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