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On His Bachelor Party, He Just Wanted To Go, Four Wheeling. Until Someone Crashed The Party!

With his groomsmen, he went to Tennessee to go on a four-wheeling adventure for his bachelor party. Until someone gatecrashed the celebrations.

Mitchel Craddock was going to get married, but before that auspicious day, he was going to have his bachelor party. It was decided they would go to Tennesee to go on a four-wheeling adventure in the woods.

On the very first morning, Mitchell and his buddies were cooking breakfast in the cabin when they saw someone sitting very quietly at the front door. A sweet but very shy dog was just sitting there, the cabin’s door was wide open, however, she was waiting to see what they would do?

Screenshot via YouTube/Locus

They could see how sweet she was so decided she could join the gang, naming her Annie. Annie enjoyed a great breakfast that morning.

Annie got on famously with the guy’s, but there was one area near the woods she would not allow anyone to get to near to? His curiosity piqued Mitchell, along with some friends went to see what all the fuss was about? What they found was a den full of puppies!

Screenshot via YouTube/Locus

Mitchel and his friends immediately took action. They pulled all the puppies from the den, seven in total, and brought them back to the cabin where they cleaned them up. They named all of the puppies and took them to see a veterinarian to make sure that they were all healthy.

Once all was said and done, Mitchel and his friends took Annie and her puppies back to Michigan with them where they were all provided forever homes, courtesy of the groom, his groomsmen, and their families! Now, Annie and her puppies are all living happy lives, and it’s all thanks to Mitchel’s urge to spend his bachelor party 4-wheeling in the woods!

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