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On A Hot Summers Day, This Dog Finds A New Way To Stay Cool!

It had been such a hot day during a long Texas summer so one smart dog finds a clever way of remaining cool. Not that his Mom was very impressed!

Baloo enjoy’s long summer days, even more so when he found a new toy to keep him entertained. But sometimes even with a sprinkler to play with summer afternoons and evenings can still get too hot!.

So Baloo came up with a great way to play with his favorite toy and stay out of the hot summer sun.

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You can find out how Baloo managed to do it right here in the video below:

The dog quickly figured out how to paw and play with the water and loved it. But then…

“That moment when your puppy drags the sprinkler through the doggie door,” Wohr captioned the video on Facebook. “Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara.”

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This video reminded me of another dog who did something similar, but not with a sprinkler?

Search continues for dog carried off by Seagull!

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