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Confined To A Box, Not Touched Because She Was “Too Yucky!” Watch Her Reaction To A Cuddle

She spent most of her life confined in solitude within the confines of a small outside box.

Sarah, a cute hound dog, was mostly ignored by her owner. She was kept on the end of a very short chain confined to a small outside box.

There is nothing worse for a dog to confined in solitude, ignored, having no social interaction with anyone. But poor Sarah was also not touched because she was thought to be “too yucky!”

Screenshot via YouTube/Peta

But everything was about to change for her after being rescued. Change in ways she could never imagine.

Watch as the dog who longed to be touched meets her new family who plan on showering her with all the attention and affection she wants for the rest of her life.

Screenshot via YouTube/Peta

Something she has been missing all of her life suddenly comes flooding in all at once. Making this a beautiful video to watch.

Watch Sarah’s reaction to her first cuddle in the video below:

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Heartbroken he went from room to room looking for his best friend.

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