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They Were Left To Their Fate, Dumped On The Side Of Road By A Heartless Owner

Idgie the dog and his 7-month-old best mate, a cat named Ruth were dumped on the side of the road by their owner.

Their owner didn’t even care enough to take them to a shelter, he just dumps them. But Idgie cared, not only Ruth’s best mate he also became her protector, a cat who couldn’t walk still had someone who cared. He stepped right up to the plate.

Screenshot via YouTube/Orlando Sentinel

Idgie a 2-year-old Dachshund was abandoned under a driveway in Florida along with his 7-month-old disabled cat sibling, named Ruth. Their owner didn’t even have the decency to get them to a shelter, but that didn’t stop Idgie from being the best protector and savior of his helpless mate Ruth, who couldn’t walk.

Screenshot via YouTube/Orlando Sentinel

Idgie a two-year-old Daschund and Ruth, a seven-month-old Tuxedo cat struggled to survive for days on the streets in Seminole County, Florida, until a kind-hearted stranger took notice and called Animal Services. However, Idgie, still suspicious of strangers would not have a bar of anyone getting too close to Ruth.

Screenshot via YouTube/Orlando Sentinel

Update: Idgie and Ruth have been officially adopted by Jacqueline Borum, owner of Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa! The pair is now living the best life with their new mom. Jacqueline saw that Ruth had to drag herself everywhere, so she even got a wheelchair for her. Now, taking Ruth out for walks is Idgie’s favorite part of the day! What a happy ending!

Click the video below to watch Idgie and Ruth living like queens with Jacqueline!

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