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He Was Matted So Badly This Dog Had Lost Circulation to Some Of His Limbs!

His owners were homeless and could not provide adequate care for a dog. His fur was badly matted he had lost circulation to some of his limbs!

Bobb had not been groomed in 10 years, just imagine how badly matted his fur was, after all, he is a Toy Poodle. For them, regular grooming is absolutely essential!


He was taken in by Synergy Animal Rescue who did their very best to groom him. But the fur was so badly matted it had cut off circulation to one of his legs and it had actually self-amputated. Another paw had no circulation too, vets took that too.

Many teeth were completely rotted or in such bad shape that had to be removed. But once everything was done the world was presented with a brand new dog!


A woman named Megan Lundberg thankfully adopted Bobb and is taking great care of him. They looked into getting him prosthetics but for now, it would cause him too much pain. In the meantime, he has acclimated to hopping around on two legs, and he does it with ease!

To keep him strong, Bobb will receive physical therapy.

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