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Sitting On The Back Of An Open Bed Truck He Huddles Down In Freezing Conditions

He huddles down in the back of the truck, covered in snow, speeding down the freeway, its 16-degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 0!

On a cold winters day in the city of Denver, someone takes a photo of a Malamute as he huddles down in the back of an open bed truck in freezing conditions.

The picture taken created a huge response from the world wide web from people wondering how the dog’s owner could do such a thing? While it’s not against the law to have a dog unbound in the back, the weather conditions on the day mean the owner could be looking at charges.

Though the law isn’t clear, the driver could face an infringement notice of pitilessness if there is enough proof.

Colorado State Patrol said that wind chill, the type of breed of dog, and its appearance would all be considered when making a decision.

While a Malamute can withstand outrageously cold conditons better than average pooches, the temperature at the hour of the episode indicated 16-degrees Fahrenheit with a breeze chill of 0-degrees.

Such conditions can put even a Malamute in danger of frostbite.

What’s more, in the back of a truck going almost 50 mph, it unquestionably felt significantly colder than that.

It’s unclear how long the dog was in the back of the truck, and State Patrol says it’s ultimately a judgment call by troopers or officers to determine whether or not it is animal cruelty.

Watch a video of the whole incident below:

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He was found in the middle of nowhere with a broken leg.


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