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He Is A Lucky Dog, Everyone Loves Him. But Not On This Day!

There is no doubt that Winston is a lucky dog, he has a family that loves him as much as a dog can be loved. But not on this day!

On this paritcular Roxy Dinkel came home to a house completely saturated with water. She checked the pipes for a burst pipe or a broken faucet, but everything appeared to be fine?

So what on earth had happened, houses don’t spontaneously fill with water for no reason?!

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You can watch a full video of what happened right here below:

She checked her security camera footage and discovered the cause – it was Winston!

She revealed, “Apparently Winston was having so much fun playing with the hose outside, that he thought he’d bring it inside.”

She shared the hilarious video online and wait until you see why she didn’t know what caused the water disaster at first.

Winston has made me think of another dog who did something similar on a hots summers day. But it was with a sprinkler!

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Search continues for dog carried off by Seagull!

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