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He Did Not Survive, But His Dog Kept Barking Till They Found Them.

She barked and barked, leading rescuers to where they were, if not for her they may never have been found.

Deputies of Washington state, may never found a hiker who had been missing if not for the relentless barking his dog. A 64-year-old man had set out for a days hiking at the crack of dawn on Thursday.

Daisy's barks led rescuers to the body of his owner, who was missing.

He never returned, so his wife called and reported him and their dog Daisy missing. Apparently, he often went hiking but never left a note as to where he was going. His wife reported that he had been doing an internet search on geocaching in the Evans Creek area.

All throughout the day deputies and Search and Rescue had searched for the man near Eatonville. By 4.45pm nothing had been found of the man nor his dog. Though his vehicle had been located, containing a list of geocache locations. The team mapped them out, then set out to look through them.

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.It wasn’t until nearly 6 p.m. when a deputy searching through one of the locations was startled by the sound of barking.”The deputy continued hiking toward the sound of the dog’s barking, and spotted a dog matching the description of Daisy up a very steep embankment above the Marshall River,” the sheriff’s department said. The deputy climbed another 30 minutes through thick woods until he reached the dog, who was by his owner.

The man was deceased from what appeared to be injuries from a fall, the sheriff’s department said. It did not identify him.”This was a very sad end to a tough search, but we are incredibly proud of our deputies and the volunteers efforts to find the missing man and return him to his family,” the department said.”Without the barking of his loyal companion Daisy, we never would have located the missing man.

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