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Found Injured On The Road, There Was Only One Way To Save This Dog!

Pausing to take a break near the woods they were greeted by a dog limping out of the trees. Very thin, covered in road rash, he needed help!

He was out mountain biking with his friends near the woods in Columbus Georgia when they decided to take a break, regrouping before going on, when Jarret Little saw a dog limp out of the trees to greet the group.

It looked as though he had been hit by a car, he appeared to have a broken leg and was covered in road rash. Despite his injuries, he was very calm, so the cyclists offered the poor pooch some food and water.

Photos: Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

Then they needed to decide what to do next? Jarret knew the dog needed help, they couldn’t just leave him there. The decision was made to take him out of the woods on Jarret’s bike. Jarret hoisted the dog onto his back, gently placing his injured leg into his back pocket, then cycled back to town. The image of that moment has since gone viral.

When they were back in Colombus Jarret happened upon a woman who immediately wanted to know more about the dog. Andrea Shaw happened to be in town on business and was straight away taken by the sweet boy. Right away she decided she was gone to rescue this dog, he was bleeding, all broken up. Taking the dog off Jarret she headed to a vet.

Photos: Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

Shaw graciously paid for the surgery and repair of the dog’s broken leg and broken toe. Her immediate connection with him meant she had to take him home to live with her. She set up a transport for Columbo, he was named after the city he was found, to her horse farm in Maine.

It was meant for Shaw and Little to cross paths and rescue the injured dog. “Had I been five mins earlier or five mins later, we wouldn’t have crossed paths with her,” states Little about the fate encounter.

Photos: Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

Columbo, known as “Bo”, arrived safely in Maine to start his new life. “Bo traveled with 25 staples in his hind leg after having four pins to put in to stabilize the fractures and a full cast on a front leg to stabilize a broken toe,” Shaw posted.

She was so impressed with Grateful Doggies that transported Bo to her home. “They gave him all his meds and kept him comfy until he was back in my arms.”

Photos: Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

Shaw made a page, The Adventures of Columbo, to keep followers updated on Bo’s progress through his eyes, and help other dogs in need. Bo is loving his new home and meeting his new siblings, especially BIG brother Luquillo. He is slowly recovering and just started physical therapy to help him walk again.

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He brought his dogs to the vets to be put down just because she asked him to!


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