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Found In The Middle Of Nowhere With A Broken Leg, When They Opened The Door The Little Dog Jumped Right In

Only five months old he was found tired, lonely, and abandoned with a broken leg! Smack dab in the middle of nowhere!

Miles away from anywhere worth mentioning the sad little dog was in a lot of pain. Sitting in the middle of a rural highway he seemed determined to stop the next car or die trying.

And stop the next car he did, rescuers got out and gave him a thorough inspection, apart from his broken leg he had a severe case of demodectic mange spreading all over his body.

It was clear he had no intention of staying where he was because as soon as they opened the rear door of their car he jumped right in and made himself at home.

The rescuers named him Melios (Mel) and after bringing him to a vet hospital where he was patched up before being brought to his foster home.

Wait until you see how Melios is doing now with his foster family!

Watch Melios in his new home below:

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Bound with electrical tape and thrown into a ditch, officers find him in near-freezing conditions!

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