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Driving On The Freeway He Thought He Saw A Dog Hanging Off The Overpass!

Driving on the freeway he saw what looked like a dog hanging over the side of a power box, strangling to death!

David Fredman was driving on the I-70 Freeway on Monday when he spotted what looked a dog hanging off the overpass. The dog seemed to be hanging off the overpass over some kind of power box.

His feet could barely touch the ground, his heading whipping left and right has he struggled to breathe! First David called 911, then grabbed his knife to see if he could cut the struggling dog free.

Screenshot via Video/Youtube

“As soon as I cut him down, he couldn’t breathe. He was trying to breathe. I tried get him to walk. He couldn’t walk,” he said.

Once he had freed the dog David took him to KC Pet Project, who found the dog, whose name was Max, to be microchipped. The dog’s owner had been trying to find his dog who had disappeared Monday morning.

Dee Vaughan received a call asking if he had lost a dog? He now has many questions he would like answered on how his 16-year old dog could end up fighting for his life the way he had been.

Screenshot via Video/Youtube

He explains, there is no way an old dog who can barely walk at all could have got that far on his own, ending up in the situation in was in?

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He couldn’t believe it when he saw shots of what his dog had experienced, horrified would be a better word.

Screenshot via Video/Youtube

“Literally you could see the imprint around his neck where they hung him,” Vaughn said. But he was also grateful for the man who stopped. He invited him to his home as soon as they both got off work Monday.

“Thank you, David, so much. You stopped what you were doing to turn around and save my dog’s life,” Vaughn told Fredman.

Screenshot via Video/Youtube

As for David Fredman, he said, “the way I found him, I just couldn’t believe somebody would do that to an animal at all.”

The overpass and surrounding area is an area frequented by the homeless. Both men now just wonder if someone put Max in a very bad spot or if it was something sinister.

“I don’t know if he fell off or somebody tried to hang him. The cameras will show,” Vaughn said referring to surveillance cameras from nearby or possibly SCOUT cameras he’s been unable to access.

Screenshot via Video/Youtube

“From the way, it looks somebody could have definitely been on purpose. They could have strung him up like that. It was really sad,” Fredman said.

Vaughn said when he called the police, about the possible theft of his dog and the manner he was found, he was told to contact animal control.

Screenshot via Video/Youtube
You can watch the full video right here below:

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