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Depressed Blind Dog Springs Back To Life With Special Device

After her husband was deployed their dog became depressed, she hadn’t heard his bark in two months.

Andrea Smoak became acutely aware in the change her blind Yorkshire Terrier had gone through when her husband was deployed overseas. Her husband was sent to Afganistan since he had been gone she noticed how depressed the little dog had become, so much so she had not heard his bark for over two months.

She wanted to do something for Tiger, anything to help the poor pooch, then she heard of a device called Muffin’s Halo. It’s almost like a walking stick for blind dogs, giving them back the confidence to explore their surroundings.

You can watch the video right here below:

The moment Andrea put the device on Tiger his attitude completely changed. She wrote, “I cried, since my husband’s departure to Afghanistan I hadn’t heard Tiger’s voice in 2 months.

Muffin’s Halo made him so happy. He found his toy [and] brought it to me so we could play. This is rare since he lost his sight. He loves it! The pure joy I received when I heard him bark was priceless!”

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Every night before bed this Pit Bull has a very sweet ritual that needs to be completed.

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