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Covered In Green Paint, Eyes Streaming From The Fumes, He Wanders The Streets Looking For Food

Eyes streaming from the fumes he wandered the streets looking for food.

Local residents of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia are still in shock after finding a battered and beaten looking dog somewhat listless wandering the streets coved in almost fluorescent green paint.

The dog was first seen by Sharzreen Othuman who immediately began posting pics of him trying to highlight what had happened as well as find help for the poor canine.

Source: Shazreen Othuman/Facebook

Fumes from the paint covering his body had made the dog cry as he rifled through a garbage bag looking for food. It was clear to Shazreen that some cruel individual or individuals had cruelly covered the dog in paint then released him to suffer.

Source: Shazreen Othuman/Facebook

Local animal bodies were outraged when they learned about this issue through Shazreen’s viral post. A volunteer immediately rescued the dog and gave him a cleansing bath. Thankfully, the dog wasn’t fatally exposed to the paint. However, this incident proves that the other homeless dogs in the area are still at risk.

Source: Shazreen Othuman/Facebook

The authorities are now actively looking for the wicked villain who vandalized the poor dog. They have asked the public to keep an eye out for such inhumane crimes against animals. As per the local law, the culprit can face up to 3 years in prison and $24,000 in fines. Spread the word and help the authorities find the culprits.

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He is a big boy alright, in fact, you won’t believe just how big he really is!


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