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Chained To A Tree, She Couldn’t Turn Her Back

When she saw a dog chained to a tree in a severe thunderstorm she couldn’t turn her back on him!

She felt compelled to help the poor animal whos heartless owner had thoughtlessly left him chained up during a severe thunderstorm. Apparently not caring in the least he left his dog out has the rain started to pour.

Unbeknownst to the woman, her neighbor Casey Boatman, saw what was going on as he closed his window to stop the torrential rain from coming in. He saw the dog had been left tied to the tree.

Screenshot via YouTube

It had been nearly ten minutes since the rain and hail had begun and the poor dog was looking bedraggled and soaking wet.

That’s when Casey noticed his neighbor (the woman) come to the dog’s rescue and took out his camera to film her bringing the dog in from the storm.

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch the full video right here below:

Thank goodness for kind people in the world! Share this woman’s kind act with your family and friends who love dogs!

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