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Cameras Catch Dog Thieves In Action, Beware!

Caught by surveillance cameras, two Texas dognappers are seen taking a puppy in broad daylight!

The footage of the dog thieves was taken on Oct 6th, within days it had gone completely viral. spreading throughout the world wide web.

Two men are seen arriving outside Matthew Ivy’s house in Mesquite. While one suspect tries to distract the older dogs away from the car, another man takes his chance and makes a grab for 10-week-old French Mastiff puppy Chipper.

Source via YouTube/ViralHog

Taking Chipper from the property the thieves then sold him for $300.00. According to NBC DFW, the puppy was sold to Brian Vasquez who immediately returned him when he found out the dog had been stolen. As of Wednesday night police are still trying to track down the thieves.

Source via YouTube/ViralHog

“I’ve always been a dog lover,” Ivy told Fox 51. “These guys are family. I know it’s not a kid, but to me it feels like that.”

Source via YouTube/ViralHog

Vasquez was confident it was one of the men in the video who sold him the dog at his tire shop in East Dallas. He did not know where the dog came from until his wife showed him the video on social media.

Source via YouTube/ViralHog

“It feels good to have returned the dog and to have everything for the dog to be back where it belongs,” Vazquez said.

Watch the video below to see how the dognappers got away with what they did.

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She even bathes in this dog’s water bowl.

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