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All This Starving Stray Dog Wanted Was Shelter From The Rain

A starving stray dog was trying to seek shelter from heavy rains when he is set upon by a group of men!

The disgusting act took place in the Worli area of Mumbai, India, as the clearly starving stray dog wandered into a building seeking shelter from a heavy downpour, as reported by India today.

On July 24th, one of the building’s residents asked security to beat up the poor canine so that no other dog dared enter the Turf View apartment complex. The act was duly carried out by the security staff.

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What was worse than the men actually doing what was asked was that they beat the poor animal within an inch of its life! The dog went into a coma and is now struggling to live.

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Luckily security camera’s recorded the whole unsavory scene, an FIR was issued against the people involved registered by the Bombay Animal Rights organization.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/anushksharma

However, the founder of the animal rights group told Times of India that the accused were let off within 20 minutes by the police.

It took me more than 8 hours to lodge the FIR at the police station, however, when the accused people were summoned, they were released after just 20 minutes of completing the formalities. This again points out that we need to strengthen our animal rights laws as a preventive measure against such cruel crimes against mute animals.

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The rains are specifically tough for animals who suffer because they are rendered helpless after a point. As citizens, it’s our duty to help them. We hope justice is served in this case soon.

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