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All This Pit Bull Needed Was A Friend During The Scariest of Moments!

Thunderstorms can be very scary for animals. One such animal, a Pit Bull cross called Moose needed a friend to help her through!

Thunderstorms can be scary for most animals, including dogs and cats, they tend to get frightened by loud noises, so for them, nothing is worse than the sound of a sudden very loud clap of thunder. As owners, all we can really do is make them as comfortable as possible when large storms roll on though, checking in on them frequently to make sure they are OK.

However, when you are a large Pit Bull cross, all you really need is a good buddy by your side to see you through large storm events. One such canine, Moose has a feline friend called Marvin.

Mary Barnes, rescued Marvin about six months ago, bringing him home to meet Moose in the hope the cat would become fast friends with her seven-year-old dog who she had rescued earlier.

“I didn’t know how Moose and Marvin would get along because Moose had never really interacted with cats, but she’s the absolute sweetest and most gentle girl so I had faith,” Barnes told The Dodo.

“They very quickly became best friends,” she added. “Marvin has the personality of a dog so they nap and play together all day.”

Mary’s two animal friends lived a happy and safe life until she moved into an apartment complex in downtown Detroit, Michigan. She soon found that Moose was highly sensitive to loud noises. Anything from fireworks to thunderstorms would put her on edge, sending her running to find a safe place to hide.

“I try to give her treats and keep her busy when it’s storming but she usually ends up going into the bathroom and hiding in the shower,” Barnes said. “She’s always hidden in the shower — it’s her safe place.”

Although close friends, Mary never considered how supportive Marvin would be of his canine buddy. He soon stepped in to comfort his nervous friend anytime a thunderstorm rolled through.

“Last night was the first really big, long storm we’ve gotten in Detroit since Marvin has been with us,” Barnes said. “He was very curious and concerned about his big sister.”

It was clear that the cat knew her friend was suffering and he wasn’t going to let her be alone. “He went back and forth to her in the shower to check in,” Barnes said. “It distracted [Moose] from the storm for a little bit because he leaned down to give her kisses!”

Finally, the storm passed, and the two animals quickly got back to playing and relaxing together.

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You can follow both Moose and Marvin here on Instagram to update their adventures.

He doesn’t seem to realize he is way in over his head!

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