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After Running Away Her Camera’s Revealed She Had Been On Quite An Adventure!

Losing you pet has to be one of the worst feelings you can ever go through. Not knowing where they are, how they are, or if you will ever see them again.

Rachel Howatt knows this feeling only too well her Husky Koda, somehow broke loose and ran away from home.

Last December Koda ran away from home after breaking free. Rachel searched high and low in the nearby woods but turned up empty-handed. Then quite out of the blue Koda came home to the house she had left in Manitoba, acting as if everything was perfectly normal. But her cameras revealed an entirely different tale, Koda had been on an adventure.

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Last December, Koda had other places she preferred to be.

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

Rachel searched for her dog, but in the end, Koda came home on her own. A highly intelligent dog, Koda came back alive and well. But Rachel wondered where she had been and what she had got up to. Her neighbor had a trail camera, she wondered if it had spotted her dog.

She came back acting as though nothing had happened

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

“Several days after Koda returned, her owners decided to check the neighbor’s trail cameras”

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

“To see if the cameras may have spotted her”

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

“As it turned out – they did”

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

Not only did the cameras pick up Koda, but they also picked up her new, unlikely friend – a male deer. The buck can be seen huddling up next to the husky, as well as eating and napping with her. For the entire evening, Koda can be seen playing and just spending time next to the buck who didn’t seem bothered by her presence at all.

But Koda wasn’t alone

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

She made an unlikely friend – a male deer

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

The two friends were spotted playing and sleeping together

Image credits: Rachel Howatt

“It was quite something,” Rachel told the media. “Based on the time they spent on the frame, it looked like they spent over 12 hours together. There’s also another photo where there’s two bucks in the picture with her.”

Here’s how people online reacted

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