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After He Received A Visit From His Dog His Transformation Was Remarkable

Sometimes the only tonic any of us ever need is the love of family and friends, whether they be on two legs or four.

Flavio Santos has been going through one of the worst periods in his life, this has only exacerbated by the fact he can no longer spend time with someone he loves very dearly.

Flavio has been fighting cancer, and can longer see or spend time with his dog Agadir.

Nurses caring for Flavio learned how much he was missing his dog, and probably knowing what seeing his canine friend would mean to him, organized a special reunion.

Finally, if only for a short time the two best buddies were back together. Feelings for Flavio ran very deep, but the impact of what had occurred ran far deeper than anyone could have imagined.

Shortly after Agadirs visit doctors noted a subtle change in their patient. A change that quickly transformed into something much bigger! Flavio’s whole demeanor seemed to transform.

“I was surprised,” Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi told news outlet Globo. “He was conscious, oriented and talking.”

Tancredi went on to note that such visits from pets appear to have both psychological and physical benefits, resulting in an increased appetite and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Photo Courtesy of Hospital Memorial São José

“We visibly noticed his improvement the other day,” Tancredi said. “The improvement occurred in a gradual way and remains.”

The improvement in Santos’ health has been so great, in fact, he and Agadir may be together again sooner than anyone would have guessed: “I talked about the possibility of him being discharged [from the hospital],” Tancredi said.

Photo Courtesy of Hospital Memorial São José

This is reportedly the first time a patient’s pet has been allowed to come in for a visit to this hospital, but given the proven positive effect, it hopefully won’t be the last.

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This loyal dog still leaves space for his long lost friend.

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