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After He Passes Away His Dog Goes Missing? A Few Months Later They Visit The Cemetary

After buying a dog for his son, the following year he passes away and the dog goes missing?

Miguel Guzman of Cordoba, Argentina, brought his son Damian a dog in 2005. Unfortunately, Miguel, a Police Officer died the following year in the deadly Europa League fan clashes!

Screenshot via YouTube/Hot News

Soon after their black Alsatian, Captain, went missing, unable to find him the family had assumed he had run away. A few months later the family went to visit Miguel’s grave and low and behold there was Captain, lying faithfully over his masters grave.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hot News

And there he remained for the next 11 years, despite attempts at taking him home. Every night he would sleep over Miguel’s grave, such was the bond he had with his former owner.

Until at the age of 15 he passed away in the Municipal Cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz, lying still lying over Miguel’s grave. Vet Cristhian Sempels told reporters: ‘Unfortunately, his age and this condition (kidney failure) meant he could not hold on.

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends. They are loyal, faithful companions. This video shows the true loyalty of dogs.

You can watch the video right here below:

She was abandoned and chained to a fence, left defenseless, doing her best to care for her newborn puppies.


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