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A Strange Looking Creature Crosses The Road. But What Is It?

As animal lovers, we would all do what we could to help an animal in need. But with a wild animal, you have to proceed with care, even more so when you don’t know what it is?

Having been raised on a farm I have seen my fair share of injured and hurt animals. More so when driving on the freeway, having stopped many times to do what I can.

I have rescued Seagulls, Rabbits, Cats, and stopped to help a dog who got up on his own and walked back home uninjured. But I have to admit I have never seen or stopped for anything like this?

You can watch the full video right here below:

For several days, people had seen a strange animal roaming around their neighborhood. One woman out riding her horse called California Wildlife Center after realizing the animal was a coyote with her head stuck in a drainage tube! Watch the video above to learn more!

Thankfully help arrived just in time and they helped save this poor girl’s life.

Had they not arrived on time, she wouldn’t have survived more than a day or two with her condition.

For more details please go to

Watch the moment this sweet dog knew she was saved!

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