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After Being Lost At Sea A Miraculous Rescue Operation Swings Into Action!

Something truly miraculous took place in the ocean off the Gulf of Mexico recently when an unexpected rescue operation swung into motion.

A couple out boating saw a tiny nose poking just above the surface of the water. Realizing it was a dog out in the middle of the ocean, they saw the dog turn and swim toward their boat.

“I thought it was a buoy and said ‘Oh my gosh, it’s something moving’”, said Bruce, one of the tiny dog’s saviors. Two couples were out boating when they spotted the dog.

This all occurred no less than five miles from the coastline. What saved the little Jack Russell Terrier was the life jacket he was wearing. Without it, he would probably have grown exhausted and drowned.

When the couples radioed the coast guard they learned that the dog’s owner had reported him lost three hours earlier! The owner was elated at the news and had tears in his eyes when he was reunited with “his baby”.

This is why it’s so important that everyone wear a life-jacket/life preserver, dogs included!

This dog would not have survived if he didn’t have one on!

Watch more on this miraculous rescue right below:


Day after day this is how he spends his time, struggling just to breathe.

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